Hello folksAs I am doing a special of the daychildren, I decided to write this post!I always wanted to post this kindbut waited for a special occasion, in the case Children's Day!Well, I sometimes wonder at allchildren who are hungry or do not earn asimple day gift crianças.Muitaschildren living on the streets or even inhomes, but having nothing to eat or whatvestir.E these children to forget thatare children because they have toworking to get his dinnerfamily!Often these children are humiliatedpeople passing by on the street andswear or attack them verbally, thatis very unacceptable because where are those timesthe government power to help people andespecially needy children?and often when we are passingsomewhere and someone asks for moneyyou often know more you refusebecause you refuse? Because you arebiased, because they see those people andthink they will get the money forsmoking drugs, many people are there toget your coffee or your dinnerhome, but only because the person is on yourside is not a relevant situation orHe is clothed with dirty old you judge byappearance and not look straight in the eye ofperson, people sometimes gostraight as if it were a person or childworm or a virus contagious.You know, because I am saying this here?To agree that many people who arelike I mentioned here!Folks, if someone asks for your helpirrespective of their appearance orclothes, help as you will be doing somethinggood for one person and she will neverforget you, and you will alsofeel better (I myself feel sowhen I help someone).So the aim of this post is to assist theneedy people of this world because the worldwill be much better to live, let us helppeople with an open heart!children that day, we will help tosomehow needy children, this will bevery important, do your part for theworld be better one day at least!I'll help a family tomorrow, I have spoken to my mother and we go there to help them.Never forget, the world gets betterjust need your help!
Text: Leticia Monteiro

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